A Guide To Exercise Mats

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Many workout routines require you to lie or kneel on the floor. Exercising on hardwood floors can be quite a task. That’s where exercise mattings come in. They’ll make the whole process a lot more comfortable and easy to get through. Let’s take a look at the different types of mattings available and what might be best suited for you.

Heavy-duty mats

Heavy-duty mattings, also known as gym mats for sale, are usually large and provide lot of cushion. They are perfect for use in martial arts classes, gymnastics, dancing and similar routines that tend to be high-impact. They are made of thick foam and are quite easy to clean since they are covered in plastic. Heavy-duty mattings are also extremely shock-absorbent, and will protect your body from injury. They are however not totally skid-proof, so it’s best to use these on a carpeted surface. Due to their large size, they may also not be foldable, so you may need to look for one that folds if you want to use it at home.

Stretching mats

Stretching mattings can be found in two different types. One for yoga and the other for Pilates. Both these tend to be thinner than the other options available, however the Pilates mat is thicker and longer than the yoga mat. Both mattings are able to grip the floor firmly and the yoga mat is also called a ‘sticky’ mat thanks to its good grip. This helps prevent the mat sliding and slipping up on a tiled or wooden floor. Thus, yoga mattings provide great balance when you practice yoga poses. They can also be rolled up and stored away easily.

All-purpose mats

This type of mat is quite basic and as its name suggests, can be used for a variety of different exercise routines. If you need a mat just for your regular exercises at home, look for all-purpose gym mats for sale. These mattings are thick and fairly large. They are also quite easy to clean, being covered in a layer of vinyl. However, though these mattings work well in most ways, they are not very shock-absorbent and should not be used for high-impact routines and exercises. Visit https://www.gymnasticsdirect.com.au/products/category/2/girls-mats for more tumbling mats.

Interlocking mats

These mattings come in separate blocks of thick foam which can be fit to each other, like a puzzle. Since they are so thick, they are highly shock-absorbent and can be used on even concrete floors. These mattings can be used in large or small spaces since you are allowed to control the size of the mat. The interlocking pieces of the mat are easy to clean and are light-weight as well as waterproof. They can also be assembled without any trouble. Since they can be taken apart, they can also be easily stored away. So there you have it. These are the four main type of mattings used for exercise.